Key Note 1: Ingelin Killengreen: Plain Language work in Norway
Political support, enthusiasm and drive are the core of plain language in Norway. 2009 marked the start as the project “Plain language in Norway’s sivil service” was launched by the minister of government administration and reform. Since then, ministers from different political parties and governments have embraced and promoted the plain language work, made it their own and contributed to success stories such as improved language in a multitude of public documents and publications intended for citizens, new models laws and plain language in the legal training.

Key Note 2: Robert Waller: Plain language and information design: an essential partnership

Key Note 3: Gry Nergård is a director for the consumer area in Finance Norway, the industry organisation for the financial industry in Norway. Before she started at Finance Norway, she was The consumer Ombudsman.

Key Note 4: Claudia Poblete: PL and government administration: Spanish speaking initiative*

Key Note 5: Markus Nussbaumer: Markus Nussbaumer: Head of Central Language Sevices, German Section of Swiss Parliament

Key note 6: Peter Bydlinski: Full professor of civil law at the Faculty of Law of Graz University and Head of the Rewriting project the Austrian Code Civil - Allgemeines Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch - that is aimed at rewriting this 200 year old law according to plain language principles

Key note 7: Christiane MAAß: Professor of Linguistics at University of Hildesheim and author of a Handbook for “Easy language”

Key note 8: Miguel Martinho: Plain language consultant who is currently working on project about the effects of plain language measures in different countries


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